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Shunting gas piston locomotive
Shunting gas piston locomotive
Four-axle shunting gas piston locomotive
STM’s own solution that has no analogues in Russia
Certificate of conformity
1120 HP
Technical specification
Advantages of TGM1
Environment friendly
Cost effective
The locomotive runs on LNG, thus reducing CO2 emissions by up to 40% compared to a conventional diesel locomotive.
Specific features
Fuel: liquefied natural gas
Safe gas storage and supply system
State-of-the-art gas leak detection and fire extinguishing systems
Effective solution for shunting operations
Modular design of the locomotive
Single platform solution with diesel locomotives
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Load-dependent automatic operation of power sets
Reduction of power consumption due to asynchronous drive
Modularity allows to reduce the duration of overhauls
Optional installation of a video surveillance system and other equipment
Operation by a single driver
Fully complies with modern environmental requirements
Engineering and advanced technology
  • A two-axle bogie ensures that the locomotive fits into curves with a radius of 40 m.
  • Wheel pairs with individual drive
Universal platform suitable for a wide range of locomotives
  • Total power output of two engines 1120 hp
  • Load-dependent automatic operation of power sets
Accumulator batteries don't require maintenance
Microprocessor-based monitoring, control and diagnostic system

  • Operation monitoring and equipment control
  • Troubleshooting updates
  • Recording of all parameters in order to monitor the locomotive’s condition
Improved AKV 5.25 screw compressor unit

  • Enhanced reliability
  • Built-in troubleshooting capability
2600 kg
LNG reserves allow for up to 5 days of operation without refilling
Cost savings
50% less fuel consumption compared to equivalent diesel locomotives in standard operating modes
Two gas piston engine power sets
Innovative features and advanced technical solutions
The gas storage and treatment system constitutes a single module and provides storage, gasification of LNG and supply of gas with the required parameters to gas piston engines
Standard filling connection
Gas supply pipe set
Safe drainage device
Storage and gasification module of the gas supply system (LNG)
Locomotive refueling with cryogenic mobile gas tankers
Full refueling time
40–50 min

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