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TEM14M — Upgraded single-section eight-axle locomotive with two diesel engines

Key differences between the upgraded TEM14M and the basic TEM14

TEM14M video presentation

TEM14M Application

TEM14M diesel locomotive is perfectly suitable for shunting and hauling operations and works at hump yards for large train weight and continuous operation

Advantages of TEM14M

less fuel consumption compared to TEM7A locomotive
40 Y
service life of the new engine 6DM-185T
Bogie allows the locomotive to traverse curves with a radius of 80m
Total power output of two engines 2400 hp
The locomotive is equipped with a pre-start heater system for diesel engines
Microprocessor-based monitoring, control and diagnostic system
"AGM" rechargeable batteries. They do not require maintenance of the interior and are resistant to temperature changes
Fan efficiency increased by to 15% through implementation of impellers with composite airfoil blades
Four-axle bogie:
  • Reduces impact of wheelset on rail by up to 12% (compared to 3-axle bogie)
  • Ensuring a smooth ride
  • Reduced ridge wear
  • Fitting into curves with a radius of 80 m
Improved cabin
  • Informative control panel
  • Air conditioning
  • Refrigerator, microwave oven
  • Lockers for clothing
  • Comfortable multi-adjustable chairs
  • Weight-dependent chair adjustments
  • Heated windshields
  • Enhanced soundproofing
High maneuverability and advanced features

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