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The flagship locomotive of the STM shunting diesel locomotive series
The flagship locomotive of the STM shunting diesel locomotive series
ТEМ10 — is a four-axle shunting locomotive with two power sets and electric transmission
Volvo Penta
Four-stroke turbocharged engine
TEM10 is equipped with two diesel engines
Fuel efficiency
Reduced repair and maintenance cost
cost reduction compared
to locomotives with a single diesel engine

TEM10 shunting locomotive: watch a video

TEM10’s application

The TEM10 locomotive has been developed for the Russian industry needs, taking into consideration the requirements of metallurgical, oil and gas companies, as well as the industrial railway transport sector.

Advantages of TEM10

less fuel consumption compared to various other models of locomotives that are currently in operation
Unique bogie allows the locomotive to traverse curves with a radius of 40 metres
External power supply connectivity via 380 V socket
Prestart electric heaters for diesel engines
New efficient microprocessor-based monitoring, control and diagnostic system
Several locomotives may be integrated into a single unit
Powerful brake compressor with air cleaning and drying system
Two 2-axle bogies ensure that the locomotive fits into curved track sections with a radius as small as 40 m.
Two fully functional control panels + two 11” LCD displays
Easy operation and high economic efficiency

TEM10 Specific features

Configuration according to the customer’s needs, including diesel engines
Option to choose the engine
New microprocessor control system.
Increased speed and reliability of the internal data bus. Russian-made microcontrollers with ARM core. Full compliance with requirements of Russian standards. On a par with foreign analogues.

Distribution of control of actuators throughout the locomotive is a distinctive feature. Simplified wiring, reduced number of cables and plug-in connectors results in cost reduction. Comprehensive collection of data on TEM10’s operation and predictive approach to maintenance.
The interchangeability of components may significantly reduce downtime during major repairs and reduce the number of assembly steps.
Modular design

Traction calculation

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